Annette Originals

Beautiful, easy to sew patterns for cloth dolls and animals.

Annette Originals

Full Description

Sue Pattern, is a lovely one piece doll, and her prairie costume is include in the pattern.  She is easy to sew and makes a wonderful doll for little girls to hold and hug.  Costume consists of Under dress, petticoat, prairie hat, apron with ties and bloomers.

Unicorn, is a fully jointed body, pattern also includes horse without  horns, and a smaller  version of the pattern is included.  The wood rocker shown was custom made and is not available for sale.  Perhaps you know of a woodworker who will make it for you, if not the Unicorn will stand by itself when firmly stuffed and the joints are tightly strung.

Pouty Doll, is a full cloth body doll, and all instructions are in the pattern for wig, or you can purchase one from the doll wig companies.  The size is included in the patter for the wig, and shoes.

Princess 6″ cloth baby doll, in her christening gown.  They are so much fun to make and their gowns can be trimmed with lots of little laces and ribbons for change.  Little girls love them.




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