• Barb Spencer’s Enchanted Attic
  • Barb Spencer’s Enchanted Attic
  • Barb Spencer’s Enchanted Attic
  • Barb Spencer’s Enchanted Attic
  • Barb Spencer’s Enchanted Attic

Barb Spencer's Enchanted Attic

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Website full of dolls and teddy bears, doll clothing and accessories, doll furniture. Supplies for sewing i.e. patterns, tools, instructional books, cloth. Mohair, wool and other hair products. Miniatures and small items, Holiday Items, Jewelry, Doll magazines, original dolls, vintage and gift items. Miscellaneous. read more

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Dolls and teddy bears:  Cloth, mixed media, artist, collectible.  For dolls and teddy bears:  Clothing, Shoes, Accessories, Furniture.  Miniatures and Small Items for dollhouses, holidays, collectors:  Animals, Dolls, Food, Kitchen, Sewing.  Craft and Sewing Supplies:  Fabric, Tools, Templates, Forceps, Scissors, Seam Rippers, Thread, Yarn, New – Vintage – Antique Ribbon, Buttons, Lace.  Jewelry:  Costume new, vintage and antique.  Patterns for making cloth dolls, doll clothing, stuffed animals, holiday items.  Doll Hair:  Straight, curly and braided Mohair and Wool in a variety of shades.  Straight and curly Vicose.  Mini and Maxi Curls.  Whimsey hair and whimsical colors.  Yarn and Miscellaneous fibers.  Also, Doll Wigs.   Books:  Instructional for sewing, basket making, jewelry making and repair, quilting, embroidery, knitting, cross-stitch, crochet, doll making, teddy bear making.  Collectible, Children’s, Activity, Search for Words.  Miscellaneous:  Postcards, Puzzles, Note cards, Stationery, Gift bags, paper dolls, greeting cards, stickers…Fun site!


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