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  • Deanna Hogan’s Blog
  • Deanna Hogan’s Blog
  • Deanna Hogan’s Blog
  • Deanna Hogan’s Blog

Deanna Hogan's Blog

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Deanna's blog features many interests ~ primarily cloth and mixed media dolls, but also various art/craft projects including her journey as a beginning quilter and exploration of art journaling. The blog also includes posts about other interests: music, sailing and bicycling, and whatever else strikes her fancy. read more

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While the Blue Heron Dolls website (www.blueherondolls.com) features finished dolls and patterns for sale, Deanna’s blog breaks various projects down into their various steps. Progress photos take some of the fear out of more advanced doll projects. The blog also has a tutorials page that is worth checking out. Links to other doll makers and artists provide inspiration and resources.


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