Entwined Vines Jewelry

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Entwined Vines Jewelry is the brainchild of Tina and Tammy. We joined together to pursue our creative passion in the creation of jewelry for real women. Unique jewelry creations, that reflects the passion and living a full life that women embrace. read more

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Entwined Vines Jewelry creates life affirming, life enriching jewelry for women.  Creating designs that reflect life around, both big and small moments.  With a strong earthy influence, using rich and dark colors so each piece of jewelry becomes a piece of art.  Life is playful and we need more reminders in our daily life to play, so we also create fun pieces of whimsical jewelry to reflect this aspect of life.  We do not limit ourselves while designing and creating pieces.  Our focus is unique one of a kind or limited edition pieces as we strongly believe each woman is unique and her jewelry should be a reflection or enhancement, if you prefer, to her true self.


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