• Stephanie Novatski Fiber Artist
  • Stephanie Novatski Fiber Artist
  • Stephanie Novatski Fiber Artist
  • Stephanie Novatski Fiber Artist
  • Stephanie Novatski Fiber Artist
  • Stephanie Novatski Fiber Artist

Stephanie Novatski Fiber Artist

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I am a mixed media artist, working in cloth, paper, ink, fibers, metal, clay and other mediums. read more

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My earliest memories are sitting on my Mother’s lap while she shopped for dress patterns and fabrics.  She would talk to me about the fabrics and I would feel them with her.  I guess that is where I learned to appreciate and love the feel of fabric and the wonderful things that could be created.

My mother was an expert seamstress and taught me to sew, embroider, and knit at an early age.  By the time I was 8, all the appliances and pillows had embroidered covers and all my dolls had an extremely fashionable wardrobe.  In high school, I was wardrobe mistress and made many of the costumes for our school’s theatrical productions.  While in college and after, I designed and made wedding gowns as well as restored them.  I also made costumes for various local rock bands.   I also developed a love of working with fibers and found objects incorporating weaving and embroidery in many of my pieces.  I was also at that time employed by a local weaver and learned to dye fabrics using natural colorants and mordants.  After college, I concentrated mostly on hand embroidery.  I employed many different fibers, fabric grounds, silk ribbon and beads.

Along the way, I met my husband of almost 25 years.  In November of 2003, I retired from my day job and in 2004, joined a doll club and started making dolls.  Nothing has been the same since!  To say they have taken over is an understatement!  I feel I am still a beginner and have so much to learn but also feel that I have lots to share.  I have met many extraorinary and inspiring dollmakers along the way though I sincerely consider Patti Medaris Culea my mentor of sorts since most of what I learned was from her books.

Because I use so many different and varied products on my dolls, I have explored their use on such things as books, cards, purses and jewelry.  I also teach doll making, book making, embroidery including silk ribbon and crazy patch, and mixed media beaded jewelry.  You can view my work on my website, http://www.novasblossoms.com or my blog, http://novasblossoms.blogspot.com


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