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 Each of my dolls is a unique, one of a kind original.

All of my dolls are hand-sewn, one-of-a-kind originals. They do have little imperfections that I hope only add to their unique, hand-crafted personality and artistic value. I personally sign and date each doll.

I make their bodies from solid natural, honey, or chocolate calico and also from ivory and honey blossom calico. They are hand-stuffed with non-allergenic fiberfill.  Hair is made from quality yarns or fabric. Each doll has button eyes and is given a button heart.

Clothing is made from a variety of quality calico, corduroys, eyelets, batiste, and other fabrics, and accented with assorted ribbons, natural and synthetic laces, silk flowers and braided trims, making them layered confections of frills and petticoats, bloomers and pinafores. My more quirky dolls sport vivid hair colors and cheeky outfits. I like to use a variety of patterns, textures and colors, finishing some fabric edges, while leaving others unfinished.

My Sea Mist mermaids are made to stand or with seamed tails that allow them to sit.  Their jewel tone bodies and coordinating fabric tails are richly accented with assorted trims: lace, ribbons, rhinestones, shells, and flowers.

I also custom make special occasion and small child friendly dolls.






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