Septarian Cabachon Wire-Wrapped Pendant

You are empowered to know what goes in and on your body.

Septarian Cabachon Wire-Wrapped Pendant

Full Description

This Septarian stone cabochon is in a simple sterling silver wire wrap with the bail big enough to go on most any size chain. This one reminds me of a turtle shell. Goes with warm color scheme. Septarian means “dragonstone”, getting its name from the Latin word “saeptum”, which means a small wall or enclosure. It is made up of limestone, barite, calcite, and aragonite.

Septarian stones work with all of the chakras. It repels negative energy away from you and aids with speaking your truth. If you are a public speaker this stone enhances your communication ability, by giving out an energy that seems to make each audience member believe you are speaking directly to them.

Grounding, opens psychic abilities, protects against psychic attacks, enhances communication, recognize and connect to higher truths, aid the healer to see the causes of dis-ease. Considered a shaman stone.

The stone consists of limestone, barite, calcite, and aragonite.

This is educational information only.
Height: 2.5 inches in height from top of bail to bottom of stone.
Width: 1.5 inches across
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