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HaniaMarysia Jewelry and Crafts

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HaniaMarysia is a joint enterprise established by two sisters based in London. We are 15 and 22, so one half is at school, currently studying for her gcses and the other is currently studying architecture at university. We hope for our jewellery to become a home grown business and our mum is really getting involved too! We are really excited for future project making and hope to inspire members of our community and make some ones day with our craft work. We currently sell our work on haniamarysia.etsy.com and occassionally on haniamarysia.folksy.com and are looking to open more online shops!


HaniaMarysia jewellery and homeware is made entirely by hand, be it upcycled or handmade elements, reassambled/ assemblaged pieces and combines boho influences with the more classic – through the use of ethically sourced gemstones and precious metals. We like to think of ourselves as eclectic and fun craft makers and hope this is reflected in our handiwork.


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