Japanese Hakata Doll Gallery Sasanqua

Elegent and Unique Japanese Hand Made Clay Doll, perfect gift idea for any occasion!

Japanese Hakata Doll Gallery Sasanqua

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Looking for something to decorate your room? Or a gift for someone special , or new collection to start ?

We are pleased to introduce to you Hakata`s specialty clay figure “Hakata Doll” to your attention.
A Hakata Doll is all hand-made ceramic figures which boasts its over 400 years of histrory and is renowed internationally as well as domestically for its breath-taking beauty shining all through the brilliant craftsmanship.
Hope you enjoy viewing and knowing Hakata dolls and find your best one here at Japanese Hakata Doll Gallery Sasanqua.

All dolls we deal with are authentic and certified by Hakata Doll Industrial and Commerce Organization.








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