Life Size Child Mannequin

Darling way to display your child's favorite outfit after she outgrows it

Life Size Child Mannequin

Full Description

Monique is a mixed media child mannequin bust. This is a very rare original quirky head sculpted in ceramic 19 3/4 inches around. Back story: One of my very first sculpts. I was so excited to see if I could sculpt that I made two different heads in one day. This one was cute but technically, it looked “off plane” to me so I never sold her. But over the years, when I ask my friends which of my dolls they like best, to my surprise, they always choose Monique. So I struggled to remake other versions of her and this was an experiment in enlarging the original head. She may never be reproduced again but here is a rare chance to own her. She can wear adult wigs. The eyes are decopage decals. Chest 23 1/4 inches around. Torso was made using a process I have written about in a book available on The torso surface is more like the surface of paper mache than fiberglass–a little bumpy. The base can accommodate a stand. Instructions for making a stand is included with this item.  (If you would like to use my photos please contact me. All rights reserved.)  I am asking $250 for her but it’s getting crowded here so make an offer.



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