Peter Pan Inspired Necklace

peter pan necklace

Peter Pan Inspired Necklace

Full Description

This is a necklace inspired by Disney’s Peter Pan.

There are three charms on the necklace. The first being a crocodile surrounding a clock to represent Captain Hook’s fear of the crocodile. The crocodile in the movie swallowed a clock so that it can be heard ticking when approaching.

The second charm is a small version of the book, Peter Pan, by J.M. Barrie. It has some art on the cover and the title, it also has the author’s name on the spine.

The third charm is a tiny star to finish it all off. This represents the second star to the right which is the only way to reach Neverland.

The chain on the necklace is 18″ in length and has a small metal clasp to connect it all together.

This necklace would be a great gift for Disney fans and bookworms or just anyone who loves Peter Pan.


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