Pixie-Craft Dolls

Pixie cloth art dolls

Pixie-Craft Dolls

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Pixie Crafts was born out of a love of all things crafty (especially if it includes pixies).

Towards the end of 2012 my creations were unleashed upon the world and Pixie-Crafts finally became a brand.

I love creating my dolls and love seeing how each of them form their own mischevious personalities during the process of making them.

The pixie Crafts dolls are all completely individual and one of a kind.The dolls are made entirely from fabric along with sparkles and whatever else is requested!

Most of all though, they are all made with love and care.


When I am not locked away in my craft room (which may I add is totally organised and tidy…although my husband may disagree..ha!) I can be found enjoying village life with my wonderful family and pets.



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