Sweet Pea Girls

Sweet Pea Girl Dolls, 18

Sweet Pea Girls

Full Description

Sweet Pea Girls are 18″ vinyl dolls, much like American Girl Dolls.. Just as nice, at a sweeter price!

Each ready made doll is a one of a kind doll with a variety  of skin colors, eye colors, hair styles and outfit styles. Dolls can be custom ordered to match your child. Boy dolls are also available! 

I also offer Special Valu Sweet Pea Dolls, which are dolls that have been refurbished. 

Handmade clothing and doll accessories such as undies, socks and shoes are also available. These outfits fit all Sweet Pea Girls as well as other 18″ dolls like American Girl. 

Coming soon….Fabric, handmade 18″ Sweet Pea Girls, perfect for younger girls or anyone wanting a fabric doll rather than a vinyl doll.. 





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