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The Horton Bath Collection

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Welcome to the Horton Bath Collection

The Horton Bath Collection offers handcrafted natural skin care products for your use and enjoyment… I am a true believer of nourishing the body as well as cleansing it.  I’m also a true believer that we need to slow down our pace…. take some time for ourselves to rejuvenate, pamper, enjoy a little me time… peace and serenity… lay back and drift away in your fragrant, relaxing bath or shower, enjoy the waters, the fragrances, close your eyes and imagine you are somewhere else, laying in a field of grass, enjoying soft music, taking in the sun….

I handcraft my soaps in small batches.  I use quality vegetable oils for each batch of soap.  Coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil, castor oil, avocado oil, almond oil, are a few of the oils used in combination with sodium hydroxide (lye) to create the skin nourishing soaps displayed on the website.  Also in my soaps and various bath and body products you will not only find the aforementioned carrier oils but also shea butter, aloe vera, vitamin e, mango butter and cocoa butter (to name a few) utilized in my productline.

So have a seat, put your feet up, the pages of The Horton Bath Collection are open to you for your perusal.  Take your time, try my products and let The Horton Bath Collection take you on a journey of stress-free relaxation.











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