Vases in Natural Stone and Minerals

Truly innovative, each is a unique functional art piece.

Vases in Natural Stone and Minerals

Full Description

The training I offer will result in a license to use my methods and designs. I offer two levels of licence. A hobbyist license that allows limited production and a regionally based Associate license. Full details are available on the Business Opportunity pages of my website,

The vases I make are truly unique, not only in the sense that each is distinct, but also because I personally developed my approach and methods and am the only person using natural stone and gemstones in this way.

I want to be sure not to tout this as a get rich quick scheme. I’m offering to teach a genuine value adding process which needs work to add the value. My system does not require extraordinary levels of skill but each part must be learnt and carried out with care and attention.

Training is provided using my illustrated step by step instructions. Optional hands-on training at my studio in Western Canada can also be arranged.

I reserve the right to refuse training and a license. I want to be sure of the identity of my license holders and have a principal to principal contract with them. The contract commits the Licensee to a confidentiality agreement.


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